We combine engineering know-how and competence in PLC automation with experience in assembly, installation and commissioning. By using innovative, high-quality electrical components, you will receive a complete system tailored to your needs.       

  On a ship there are many parameters that needs to be controlled ormonitored including: temperatures, pressure, level, viscosity, flow control, position of vessel, speed,      torque control, voltage, current, machinery status (on/ off), and equipment status (open/ closed).

  As the market is driving ship owners to become more efficient with reduced staff on board it called for an automatic control and monitoring system for the ship that           enabled unattended operation of machinery spaces. Vessels capable of safe operation at any period of time qualify as UMS (Unattended Machinery Space) ships.

Drives-Control-Automation-Siemens Demo Kit-
  • Propulsion (Main Engine) and Power (AuxiliaryEngines) Monitoring & Control
    Monitoring and control of the ships propulsion and power is essential for its efficiency and safety and there are many systems
  • Auxiliary Engine Monitoring and Control
    Auxiliary machinery monitoring and control covers several systems like:  main sea  & fresh water cooling system – pumps, system pressure, temp. etc.
  • Cargo & Ballast  Monitoring & Control
    For safe on and off loading of cargo, especially on tankers, this process is closely monitored and many times incorporates functions
  • PLC Automation System
    For us, being plc automation systems engineer means taking complete care of our customers needs at any point of the life cycle.