Whether you’re planning to have a new air conditioning system installed, retrofit an existing system, or looking for expert maintenance and repair, 4A Makina has you covered. We will give you the best air conditioning services.Air conditioning systems may be divided into two main classes — the central unit type in which the air is distributed to a group of spaces through ducting, and the self-contained type, installed in the space it is to serve. The central unit type is the most widely used, in one or other of a number of alternative systems, characterized by the means provided to meet the varying requirements of each of the spaces being conditioned. The systems in general use are as follows:

  1. Zone control system; This is the most popular because of its basic simplicity. The accommodation is divided into zones, having different heating requirements.
  2. Double duct system; In this system, two separate ducts are run from the central unit to each of the air terminals the temperatures of both air streams are automatically controlled.
  3. Reheat system; In winter, the air is preheated at the central unit, its temperature being automatically controlled. The air terminals are equipped with electric or hot water heating elements. These raise the temperature of the air to meet the demands of the room thermostats which are individually set.
  • Thorough inspection of system
  • Cleaning, replacing filters and sea strainers
  • Checking system charge
  • Clearing drain lines
  • Checking electrical draws
  • Replacing or renewing air-purification products
  • Installation and Repair
  • Recommend and advise on type and size of unit(s) & control(s)
  • Duct work & grills
  • Water pump(s)/sea strainer(s)/plumbing
  • Complete electrical wiring of unit
  • Split Units and Self-contained Units
  • Retro-fits/upgrades of controls and/or circuit boards
  • System refrigerant recharging and leak detection
  • Replacement of compressors, evaporators, and condensing coils
  • Descaling of condensing coils
  • Replace hoses
  • Hepa filters
  • Flybridge and helm air systems